Can you provide me with an allergy-free/dietary restricted cake?

In general, I can cater to allergies such as dairy, egg and gluten intolerance, however your choices of cakes are restricted, and the more allergy considerations there are, the more difficult it becomes to provide a cake that tastes and looks the same as a regular cake.

Whilst I thoroughly clean my kitchen and utensils before and after every individual cake order, I am not an allergen-free kitchen, which includes the use and storage of nuts and nut products. 

I strongly recommend that those customers with life threatening allergies should only purchase goods from a facility that is registered/certified allergen-free.

Unfortunately, there is always the outside chance of cross-contamination in those kitchens that aren't, no matter how carefully your goods are prepared.

So, if even minute trace amounts will create a potentially fatal allergic reaction, please find an allergy-free bakery for your own peace of mind and safety.

Please click onto the links above for further information regarding the ingredients and allergens in my products.